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Candidate for Graduation Duties

April 27, 2017

Busy day- Baccalaureate mass, graduation rehearsal and appreciation night. @ eight in the morning, I headed at school’s gymnasium for the mass with my friend. There are lot of graduating students in the location, as it is for graduating studs. Hahaha. Professors and mentors who provide the iskolar para sa bayan the learning that we should apply to make the Filipino taxpayers proud as we conquer our respective journey as professionals are also there in the Eucharistic celebration. The celebration was held delayed and started around nine in the morning; I dunno the reason why. Maybe because of “Filipino time”? Not to practice that! Just-in time must definitely observe..

The Eucharistic celebration was held very solemn. It was the time for me to gave thanks to the Lord but I always pray to Him it was just that it was so different because your co-candidates are in there and our hearts are shouting for gratitude towards Him. We might be in different courses, curriculum, professors, fears, stages of difficulty and doubt in ourselves ‘coz everyone has a story to tell but look at us, we finally made it! Congratulations batch 2017 of Polytechnic University of the Philippines!


(Credits to the photos’ owner, I can’t took photos beacuse it was a mass)

I’ll be forever grateful to You oh Lord because You never leaves me, You’re always with me, for tapping my shoulder in times that my energy went down for all the test banks, books, papers to read during my whole stay at college, for believing in me that I can surpass all the trials- deptals examination, SQE, quizzes, recits, thesis, feasibility study, case study, projects, the freaking 32 evaluation exams in a sem, all the requirements and the maintaining grades; for blessing me more than I deserve, for the experiences you let me handled and will be handling in the near future, for giving me people who become a miracle every single time that they helps me and for the answered prayer. Thank You, hindi lang ngayon kung hindi simula pa noong unang pinakilala ka nila Mama at Papa. I’ll always hope that you gave me happy life as I pursue things because that’s what really matters. And right now, I am truly happy. 🙂

After the mass, the rehearsal is next. The professors who guided us during the practice were strict. They want us to move (in standing, taking our seats and such) in sync, uniformly and in accordance with protocols. And again for our own benefit, to keep the ceremony solemn and to give the guests a good impression. Reaching the diploma with your left hand and your right hand shaking the person’s hand whom will give you the diploma. . . Moving the toga cap’s tassel from right to left side using your right hand. Hell yeah right left left right. . . Hahaha

We ate our lunch afterwards and pampered our self a little bit before heading to Bulwagang Balagtas for Annual Recognition/ Appreciation Night held in 2:30 pm to 6:00 pm. Yeah it was night. Students who excelled in different subjects, who deserves the latin honors, leaders who profess their skills  and those who dominates the research field with their astonishing and defended thesis were recognized. And I’m only a supporter. It was still a great time because we projected our self in formal dresses and suits just to witnessed and hear the guest speaker to unfold his success, a magna cum laude and now a CPA- auditor in the country’s leading domestic with international operation and publicly-listed conglomerate company, the San Miguel Corporation, Mr. Jade Cyrus Pintor. So our time wasn’t wasted after all because it just fuel our desire to reach out for our dream, the three letters after our names. Fightingggg!!