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Certified Public Accountant na ko!

Kung gaano kahaba ‘yung tinaype ko nung hindi ko naipasa ang boards last October 2017, this time I will just make it simple. I’m happy, I’m blessed and I’m now ready to conquer the “real world” that others are pertaining about, yung para bang I’m not yet in the real world pa sa lagay na ito. Lahat ng pagod ay worth it lalo na when you see how happy my parents are at sa lahat ng kamag anak ko. And, yes, its all about trusting the Lord’s timing. I am really happy right now. 🙂 Thank you everyone na naging part ng journey na ito, review center classmates, batchmate from PUP-Sta. Mesa, my high school friends at syempre sa PARENTS KO,sa mga TITA ko, kay Ate, Bella and Aram and to others na tumulong to make this happen. Love you all.  And I also passed the Civil Service Exam that I took last March! I really love the month of May na. 💙💙







3 Reasons to Consider our Trials Great Joy – a James 1:2-4 CrossView Sermon


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Earthly wisdom would consider trials great pain, great sadness, great depression, or great discouragement. Earthly wisdom says avoid trial and don’t consider them joy because other people don’t have the trials you do (bitter envy, 3:14). Don’t consider trials joy because you are not exalted the way you want to be exalted (selfish ambition, 3:14). You should not care about endurance and maturity/completion, you should care about comfort, being at best equal to those you envy if not greater, fulfilling your selfish ambitions for money, power, comfort, pleasure, recognition, entertainment, etc.

Earthly wisdom looks at the now and so it minimizes the value of steadfastness and endurance. It pushes impatience and the now or never syndrome.

Consider your trials great joy (v. 2) but why (and how)? –

The command is clear in verse 2: “Consider it a great joy my brothers whenever you experience various trials.”

  • Consider – James…

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[Details] 170525 Yunho’s “Meloholic” Webdrama: 20 Episodes; Story Review from the Original Webtoon

TVXQ! Express

The drama Yunho will be filming, Meloholic is scheduled to be broadcast both on the web and TV (cross-platform) details TBA [cr: mtvdaily, Translated by @snxy].

In an Instagram post from a staff/coordi (world7537: here and here) posted 5 and 6 days ago: they seem to have done a script reading/ costume/concept meeting. Also saying it is going to be 20 episodes and a romantic thriller (tagging it as a webdrama) [cr: translated by @snxy: here and here]

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Gonna take the Pre-board in the few

Me to self:

But isn’t everything in life a gamble? It’s either you get it or you don’t. I believe that if you really really really want something and you do nothing about it, you have no right to pout around if you don’t get it. Kasi ‘di ba you did nothing?
But what if you did your “best” but the outcome your trying to achieve didn’t fall in right? Remember, failure is never final.. AND success is nevaa permanent.

If it’s supposed to happen, it will. God will provide, just put your trust in Him. 💯

#TheStartThatRequiresGreatestEffort. Jejejeje. I’m going nuts!!!!!!! Fighting Aileen!!!

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About this

Ever since I really want to have a blog where I could share things that goes on my head, experiences, funny, shameful and most unforgettable moments.

May 10, 2012 was my first attempt to write a blog about myself and things under my sun but unfortunately I haven’t continue writing on in because of some reason like I don’t have always internet connection and I also forget my authentication code that’s why I didn’t able to get access on it.


A source document that I really want to have a blog!!

And now, I could say that I finally have one, internet access☑ and keeping in track in my current password ☑.

I want to share my story when we went to manila ocean park, Baguio, celebrated Mama’s birthday, mother’s day, when we went to Padre Pio Shrine at Batangas, what I felt during my first review class na wala kong kakilala kahit isa hahhaaha and all other things but you know I have to study rigorously with my books and other review materials for my CPA title. That’s why I couldn’t update/ write anytime soon. I wish that I’ll become a CPA this October 2017, claiming it but if it will not grant to me I will try my best next time and in God’s perfect time, I know I’ll eventually put a comma and a CPA after my name…❤️

AND busy people don’t blog!!!! 😅