Keep going

I know you’re sad but please have faith that those smile on your face before will come back. I know its to hard to disappoint all those people who believe in you, I know that you don’t want to hear being compare with someone,I know you don’t want to be shameful and be a disgrace whatsoever, I know that you hate being misunderstood, I know that you dont want to hear hurtful words from them I know you expect that they will comfort you but please prepare your heart mind if you wouldn’t pass the board atleast do that for your self do it to save you prepare for worst because I know you’re .ot so lucky in choosing letter between a b c d.I also know that you done your part you done it in the bestway you can you put effort to read all those hand outs solve it kept it in most possible order. So please don’t put blame on yourself, dont gave yourself a hard time huh, dont let it too longer, don’t put everything in the line iknow how hard it is to you how your back aches for pain and how you didnt gave up for that reason I’m so proud of you for pushing yourself to the limit for having5 hrs of sleep or so, for taking courage for smiling even if your sad for pretending your fine, for having the guts to eat alone as you think, for being too nakakaawang tignan while having those tambak na/ piled up review materials, for giving up kdramas , for reading again and again, for reviewing alone / attending the review center alone, for laughing hard at discussion’ s joke for taking the risk to have new friends, for smiling back to co-reviewees to always have the courage to open a door, for stepping down just to fix thing, for speaking up, and for all the things you made these last six months I’m so proud of you . As I always told you if the Lord wants to give the titlr then you’ll have it gladly if the answer is not now I know there will be a reason and I know thatHis plan is more greater than your plan that’s why I knew you entrusted it to Him wholly. I know He always guides you and eventually you’ll come back on the track. Smile please