A Lively and Colorful Town in the South

           If you are a religious person or perhaps   an adventurer, has a big heart for nature and who also have a big appetite to full your stomach, all these things are you can afford in just one place. The province of Laguna got it all for you, historical landmarks, natural parks, holy places, yummy cuisines, and different course of entertainment. So you better try it!

            One of the towns in the said province is Pakil which was originated from Gat. Paquil, a superior at that time. Pakil is well-known for the home of Nuestra Señora de los Dolores de Turumba. The entitled Virgin Mary is shrined at the St. Peter de Alcantara Parish Church and its devotees pay attention for the welfare of the Nuestra. The parish church built in 1767 and the Nuestra has been enshrined there since 1788 when it was fished out from the Laguna de Bay. The legend goes that no one could lift the image from the ground till the parish priest came to bring it to this Church followed by locals singing and dancing in glee. The daze-like dance was called Turumba. Or Tarumba — literally means “natumba sa laki ng tuwa” or “tremble in great joy”.

“Turumba, Turumba Mariangga
Matuwa tayo’t magsaya
Sumayaw ng Tu-Turumba
Puri sa Birhen Maria, Sa Birhen!
Turumba, Turumba sa Birhen
Matuwa tayo’t mag-aliw
Turumba’y ating sayawin
Puri sa Mahal na Birhen, Sa Birhen!
Biyernes ng makita Ka
Linggo ng i-ahon Ka
Sumayaw ng Tu-Turumba
Puri sa Birhen Maria, Sa Birhen, Sa Birhen
Turumba, Turumba sa Birhen
Turumba, Turumba sa Birhen
Turumba’y ating sayawin
Puri sa Mahal na Birhen.”

              Pakileños and Pakileñas celebrate the Turumba festival for over 225 years and for that, Turumba Festival is said to be the longest living religious celebration in our country.

            The festival honors the seven sorrows of the Blessed Virgin Mary, which is the reason why festivities are held 7 times between the months of April and May. Another festival is commemorate during 8th to 10th day of the month of September  and the master of ceremony discusses the importance and origin of Nuestra Señora de los Dolores de Turumba for the youth to know and also to pass it from generation to generation. The devotion to Turumba doesn’t only end with the said event it also includes the “lupi”, night virgil and procession. During the festival different variety programs is prepared by the municipality of Pakil with the assistance of the religious sector in the community. Including the glimmering street dance contest, painting exhibit, and band play together with the street bazaar in which the retailer offers their stuffs that can only be seen from Pakil like woodcrafts and alike.


            After being witnessed for the religiousness of the Pakileños and Pakileñas, you can also check- out the historical landmarks in the said town comprising the Parish church and the Dalena Museum. The Dalena Museum contains different things about the past that the Dalena family is treasuring with. The St. Peter de Alcantara Parish Church is being beautified by the years and continues to preserve it over the ancestral years. The Parish Church is being seen in different programs featuring the Turumba and its picturesque dwelling. The top rated fantaserye of ABS-CBN, Juan dela Cruz and its child adaptation, My Little Juan scenes are being capture in the said church.

           20130330_090328.jpg  If you are searching for much thrilling thing, you should try the adventure of hiking the Mount Ping-as with your friends and have an eat al fresco in the top of it while viewing the stunning surrounding of the entire Pakil and the sapphire-like Laguna de Bay. In this entity, you are being much fitter and at the same time you’re enjoying the companionship with your friends together with the appreciation of the true beauty of God’s creation.


            After getting some lose weight, you should never forget to let out your stress and have some rest. Turumba Hot Spring and Resort is the best place to execute it. The water in here is flowing down from the mountain as a result it gives you warm water when it is cold season and cold water when it is hot season. Also, many devotees of the Turumba testify that after they deep themselves into the water their rauma, muscle pain and other body illness is being healed. As for me it is not only the water from the pool has its own healing power but the strong trust and faith of the devotees to the Nuestra Señora de los Dolores de Turumba who binds their prayers to way up and heard easily by the Lord, saying that  through Mary to Jesus.

            What will you ask for? Halina sa bayan ng Turumba! For these reasons you should try and visit this town including other towns and cities in Laguna and enjoy the stay for these might free you from office and school stress.



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