How to Make a Worth Living Life

     As I sort my old email, I’m shocked to discover so many things in it like how EMPLOYERSSSS contacted me through that jejemon email address because that one is registered in my university’s student information database like what the eff, “ang-hirap-kaya-maghanap-ng-work-bakit–ngayon-ko-lang-to–nakita-feeling”, got me like but thanks God, I’m currently working at Calamba, Laguna. Another thing is my proposed article for our group project in English 101- First Year College subject; I don’t know na the exact title. It gave me some hope and feel really glad that my old self is thinking this way and I want to share it in here so read it please! You might feel cringey but still read it!!! As far as I remember this one didn’t get  a chance to be included and yes I know I’m not as good as other but hell yeah. hahaha

How to Make a Worth Living Life

     A person could say that he had a significant living life; if he enjoy most his stay, had a better result towards his bearing experience, who had help others towards the circumstances that he endure, and he who sacrifice his own desires for the betterment of others. A person can a have a worth living life by simply following these guidelines.

  1. Get close to Him.

            To have a good relationship with God, follow the PLRS. Pray; begin and end each day by speaking to God. Listen intently to God’s responses and guidance.  Read the bible and S for sharing the good news to other.

  1. Love.

            Enjoy what have you right now. Love yourself. Love the people who contribute in what you are right now and in what you will be. Don’t be afraid to trust. Don’t hurt anyone. As the golden rule reveals, “Do not do to others what you do not want to do unto you”.

  1. Build your own identity differently to others.

            YOU are you. Everyone have his own uniqueness to be proud of. Just be yourself! Don’t follow other stories but create your own.

  1. Know your worth.

            Others will not be the one who can calculate your worth. It is your own responsibility and also for your own good.

  1. Set your goals and go for it.

            Know your purpose and think that you can end up with that goal. There is a saying of what you think is what the outcome is, a mind over matter. So, think of best not the worst for the result of your hard work is also the Graded A.

  1. Take a clear path.

            Know for who, for what, and why you are living. Set your goals. Organizing it before hands can viewed as a bridge that connecting your ways to your ambitions. Always move forward wherein you keep going and looking for the future brightly.

  1. Be friends to others.

            Friends are the person you can lean on; tell to them your story, fear, likes and other things that he can relate with.

  1. Keep those people who can put a simple curve on your face.

            Create and share moments with people you love. Keep in touch with your family, friends, classmates and other people that are important to you because being with them brings you a delight feeling to continue a valued life.

  1. Don’t fool yourself.

             Fooling yourself also means wasting your time. Do the things that yearn by your genuine heart and do not let yourself involve in the things that can mislead you to your purpose. Do what is right; whole heartedly.

  1. Bring out the best in you.

            Every person has its own uniqueness and characteristics that everyone can be pleased of, so, convey and express yourself; there is something hidden, distinct and rare you .Don’t settle with “okay” and learn to improve everything you done.

  1. Create change.

            Make a difference starting from now and do not let yourself to be the previous you. Stay as a NEW you every day that is improving and enhancing each day.

  1. Dare to fail.

            Be broad minded and be a risk-taker. Accept FAILURES and STAND whenever you fall. Life is like a wheel, sometimes you are on the top or on the bottom. If you fail to do a thing, just accept it; no one is perfect anyway and strive to gain more achievements than failures.

  1. Let go of the things that weigh you down.

            If you want to fly and achieve more, move on to the better things. You have to give up the things that weigh you down and leave your nightmares behind. Let your weakness be your strength. Do not let negative things or problems to let you down but take it as a challenge. Take away all your sadness.

Sadness will just bring you down; do not let it to enter to your mind. Just think of pleasures and have a habit that brings curve on your face.

  1. Step out of the border line.

            Face your fears. Get out of your comfort zone and be amazed in what impossible thing you can do notably and think that there is no box or thing that can hindrance you to explore more. Have a wide horizon, do not just end a day as like as the previous day. Explore the world and do the things you had never done before.

  1. Do some extra EFFORTS.

            Do things everything with God and as mighty as you could. In everything you do, do your best. Prove them wrong. Show your worth and show them what you got.

  1. Take time to breathe.

             Have time to relax. Remember your body cannot handle and weigh everything on control. So, you should have a foundation to success, be healthy; physically and mentally.

  1. Sit.Talk. Listen

            Everything can be settled in a peaceful way. Dare to listen to others and express what is in your heart. Do not be a dumbfounded with anger.

  1. Don’t rush, you’ll get there, maybe not sooner but may be later.

            God already planned everything. Be persistent and have a more patience. Because maybe He just put it in an unexpected time and way that you can really be surprised of.

  1. Learn that it’s not every time there’ll be someone to be there with you.

            Stand on your own and think independently with God’s guidance I know you’ll stand firm and tall.

  1. Learn a lot.

            Be mature on your 20’s and be young on your 40’s.Every day you surpass, make a habit to learn a special thing. Each day you learn makes you more matured and ready enough to face much electrifying day.

  1. And lastly, don’t forget to smile.

            So that other can sense a good aura with in you. 🙂




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