3 Reasons to Consider our Trials Great Joy – a James 1:2-4 CrossView Sermon


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Earthly wisdom would consider trials great pain, great sadness, great depression, or great discouragement. Earthly wisdom says avoid trial and don’t consider them joy because other people don’t have the trials you do (bitter envy, 3:14). Don’t consider trials joy because you are not exalted the way you want to be exalted (selfish ambition, 3:14). You should not care about endurance and maturity/completion, you should care about comfort, being at best equal to those you envy if not greater, fulfilling your selfish ambitions for money, power, comfort, pleasure, recognition, entertainment, etc.

Earthly wisdom looks at the now and so it minimizes the value of steadfastness and endurance. It pushes impatience and the now or never syndrome.

Consider your trials great joy (v. 2) but why (and how)? –

The command is clear in verse 2: “Consider it a great joy my brothers whenever you experience various trials.”

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