But I’m only human

My new dorm mate asked me “Edi Ate di ka nagala?”, I answered “Gumagala naman pero the course I choosen was too clingy to just leave it like that kaya sometimes tas ngayon nagrereview pa ko”, but in my mind, not like the gala you’re pertaining to like the “wasted or going back at dorm at midnight or such”I didn’t experience it, more like going to mall or eat at fast food chain in a limted time kasi may assignment pa ko sa ganto ganyan. I want to but there are consequences that I would suffer big time if I choose to roam around and not to read my lessons, alam ko namang mahina analyzation ko kaya I double the effort but I promise after the board I’ll do whatever I want, ‘yung di na ko makikita sa bahay jkjkjk only. Nanghinayang din ako for a second na “ay hindi ko yun nagawa” but compared to her I don’t have fail grades and I’m more than happy to the decisionZzz I made and I know she also all up good. And my parents put an effort every vacation to treat us and that’s the gala I always look forward to kahit wala kong pera I could still manage to go to Baguio, tagaytay eat here and there with them and I always called it pafield trip ni Papa and Mama, if I got a job I’ll do it the same for them. But not seeing it as comparing myself to her/ others because I have my own lifestyle, own choices, own decision, own dreams, own experience and own paninindigan. That’s why I’m like this. I’m sorry if I’m not like you, the outgoing type but I’ll try to cope and be friends ’cause life is full of friends and memories kahit na I’m a boring friend. Ajujujujeje. Hi new dormie!




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