Eyes on her pleash

This girl is one of God’s greatest gift to me and she just turned 93 years old last April 24 of this year. Even though she have a heavy heart to weighed, the celebration still went well! Why weighing heavy heart? Ahmm, because two of her children just joined Our Creator, Tita Volet and Tito Eugenio in heaven.  I know that they are happy and resting in peace who guides us here. I hope that there would be many years to spend with Lola. Raising an eleven children including my Papa are no big deal. That’s why I totally respect her. She is also funny. She helps me message my feet and back, I also do the same to her. In the lower left photo, I practiced doing curls in my hair using heat iron and it doesn’t looked good on me that’s the reason to do stuff with Lola’s hair: flattening and curling but I’m much onto flattening because it doesn’t give you astonishing curls! I guess my hand is the one to blame. Hehehe. Lola Delang doesn’t even want me to stop ironing her hair! I just told her jokingly that she shouldn’t point me if something goes wrong with her hair. Me and Lola’s bonding time!! Another thing about her is that she believes in me like when I let her see myboyfriend’s photo through my phone: Lee Jong Suk. Ehem. Hahaha. But seriously she is one of those who believes in me. I love you Lola with all my heart!!

#93rd #HappyLolaDsDay


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