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Me to self @ the moment


Of Happy Endings

Thoughts to keep you up at night

Happy endings? Personally, I was no big fan of happy endings. I used to think that they’re… a big lie the adults manufactured for us to hope that at the end of this crappy thing called life, there’s still something to look forward to. How could they ask us to believe in that happy ending when we’re all surrounded with married couples separating, with people cheating, with cheaters being publicly glorified in movies and tv series? I mean, seriously? 

Happy ending.

Two words with no meaning, well, at least for me.

I used to hate it, really, because I did not like to think of myself as someone who feeds lies to people who read my stories.

Then I grew older… and weirdly enough, my pessimism seemed to have subdued. I learned to… see life in a bigger perspective. Maybe with a more forgiving eyes? I don’t know for sure. Sometimes…

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Gonna take the Pre-board in the few

Me to self:

But isn’t everything in life a gamble? It’s either you get it or you don’t. I believe that if you really really really want something and you do nothing about it, you have no right to pout around if you don’t get it. Kasi ‘di ba you did nothing?
But what if you did your “best” but the outcome your trying to achieve didn’t fall in right? Remember, failure is never final.. AND success is nevaa permanent.

If it’s supposed to happen, it will. God will provide, just put your trust in Him. 💯

#TheStartThatRequiresGreatestEffort. Jejejeje. I’m going nuts!!!!!!! Fighting Aileen!!!

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About this

Ever since I really want to have a blog where I could share things that goes on my head, experiences, funny, shameful and most unforgettable moments.

May 10, 2012 was my first attempt to write a blog about myself and things under my sun but unfortunately I haven’t continue writing on in because of some reason like I don’t have always internet connection and I also forget my authentication code that’s why I didn’t able to get access on it.


A source document that I really want to have a blog!!

And now, I could say that I finally have one, internet access☑ and keeping in track in my current password ☑.

I want to share my story when we went to manila ocean park, Baguio, celebrated Mama’s birthday, mother’s day, when we went to Padre Pio Shrine at Batangas, what I felt during my first review class na wala kong kakilala kahit isa hahhaaha and all other things but you know I have to study rigorously with my books and other review materials for my CPA title. That’s why I couldn’t update/ write anytime soon. I wish that I’ll become a CPA this October 2017, claiming it but if it will not grant to me I will try my best next time and in God’s perfect time, I know I’ll eventually put a comma and a CPA after my name…❤️

AND busy people don’t blog!!!! 😅



But I’m only human

My new dorm mate asked me “Edi Ate di ka nagala?”, I answered “Gumagala naman pero the course I choosen was too clingy to just leave it like that kaya sometimes tas ngayon nagrereview pa ko”, but in my mind, not like the gala you’re pertaining to like the “wasted or going back at dorm at midnight or such”I didn’t experience it, more like going to mall or eat at fast food chain in a limted time kasi may assignment pa ko sa ganto ganyan. I want to but there are consequences that I would suffer big time if I choose to roam around and not to read my lessons, alam ko namang mahina analyzation ko kaya I double the effort but I promise after the board I’ll do whatever I want, ‘yung di na ko makikita sa bahay jkjkjk only. Nanghinayang din ako for a second na “ay hindi ko yun nagawa” but compared to her I don’t have fail grades and I’m more than happy to the decisionZzz I made and I know she also all up good. And my parents put an effort every vacation to treat us and that’s the gala I always look forward to kahit wala kong pera I could still manage to go to Baguio, tagaytay eat here and there with them and I always called it pafield trip ni Papa and Mama, if I got a job I’ll do it the same for them. But not seeing it as comparing myself to her/ others because I have my own lifestyle, own choices, own decision, own dreams, own experience and own paninindigan. That’s why I’m like this. I’m sorry if I’m not like you, the outgoing type but I’ll try to cope and be friends ’cause life is full of friends and memories kahit na I’m a boring friend. Ajujujujeje. Hi new dormie!



Dreams do come true. .

May 2, 2017

Last Tuesday, the university’s year-end commencement exercises was held at Philippine International Convention Center, Plenary Hall, CCP Complex, Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City Philippines. My family except Papa was already been in Pasay a day before the graduation because he accommodated our neighbors’ outing to give them a lift using our passengers jeep in Batangas kasi sayang din ‘yun. We checked-in at a ‘condotel’, the place was nice, clean and very fancy. There are lots of foreigners too. 😅 It was our family first checked in eveeer. And thankfully we enjoyed our stay.


I woke up early in the day of grad because I will still do my face- make up and Ate will still laid down my curls. Lakas loob, not really into make k and such pero pag natutunan ko yan. Naku naku naku. I can’t do eyebrows on point so,yeah, here’s my photo.

Me and Mama were the ones who’s heading at the venue because 1 ticket for parent and other one for the candidate. . But if you have a Latin honor to be proud of, both of your parents can entered the plenary hall. I have a grudge with the administration regarding with this issue because both parents deserve to be recognized and supposedly entered the hall with their child but because we are talking about a large number of graduates with six sessions to be held, paying only a less than 2k each for graduation fee, I think it would be fair enough to let it be. And I know Papa will still be proud of me even though he doesn’t witnessed my march.

Ate Abby booked us for a grab taxi to sent us to the graduation location, grab was truely useful if you still don’t have cars of your own and their drivers/car owner are all nice so far. Hahahaha.

Arriving  6:15 am at the venue we thought that we were early but we were not!! There were lots of candidates na together with their mom or dad or both. I met Marinelle Diaz, Airah Frias and Ronuel Castelo inside the plenary complex. We took some photos before entering the hall. We lost notice of the time because of joy chit chats, taking souvenir photos and photos again. At exactly 8 in the morning the commencement exercises begun. The programme starts with the processional wherein the PUP staffs, professors and the guest of honor walked towards the stage as we clapped our hands to gave some respect and honor because we might not there in that situation if weren’t for them. The entrance of color, the university battalion places the Philippine Flag and University Flag in their designated places and as they marched for their exit, the Philippine Flag fell on the ground!!! Literally a jaw breaker, but the people around those area made sure to firmly attached it to its stand! The doxology song was sang by Mr. Ruperto D. Carpio, Jr., and it was indeed a nakatatayong balahibong performance. He sung really well and tagos sa puso. I even stop my tear to fall, is that possible? Muntik na kong umiyak, thanks God for all the blessings, love and always accepting me. The Philippine National anthem was conducted by Mr. Mark Gregory P. Isip. Those time I felt that I must really served the country in any other way. After that the deans of the different colleges presented us, the candidates for graduation- that was the cue for us to stand. Afterwards Dr. Emanuel C. De Guzman, the university president conferred our degrees. That time, we  move our tassels from right side to left side using our right hands.. I could just say to myself that the tassel worth the hassle, we are now graduates!!

Nextly, Hon. Paolo Benigno A. Aquino IV, Senator, Senate of the Republic of the Phillipines received the Tanglaw ng Bayan awarded by the Chairman of PUP Board of Regents and Commission on Higher Education together with the Board of Regents and University Officials. He, the senator, was then gave his commencement address but before he speak, he was introduced by our University President.

The 3 things that I remembered from Mr. Senator speech was:

1st, see it through your own eye, photos online was deceiving, yes,  you can send “like” through it but personally recognizing it was much more fulfilling.  (Look at my much more!, you should just have to agree with it. ;p )

2nd, money is not a key to happiness but the togetherness of those people who means a lot from you. As well as the success such as fancy degree, quotas and such because eventually as he say you’ll get greedy and you wouldn’t know when to stop. I just synthesis the things he shared coz he  he elaborate it so wideeee.

3rd, its not always about you, its about how your work influence others, how your work helps other, how your work lift up others and despite how your work works, you still gave thanks to the man above.

He was not really said what i just typed but that was the thing I remembered, not word by word but the essence and meaning.

Next was the awarding of medals and distribution to Honor Graduates by the Univ President and was assisted by Executive Vice President and Vice Presidents. To the Honor graduates, I am a fan! No sarcasm, they did great and deserved to recognized. Well, our college is one hell another thing. After-which, Via Marie Mina Valdez, Magna Cum Laude BPA which I don’t really know the course, told her valedictory address. She was eloquent and very bubbly. She made us the graduates, parents and even the Univ Officials laugh because of her comments about queuing that could reach to the sixth floor of main building and such. It was an indeed patience, I also experienced it for paying enrolment fees.

We “normal students” also received our diploma distributed as well by the Univ President and was assisted by Executive Vice President and Vice Presidents.

We also take our oath as a pledge of loyalty conducted by Hon. Rene A. Tanasas the President of the Federation of alumni Association in PUP, Inc. We also sang together the PUP Hymn for the last time conducted again by Mr. Mark Gregory P. Isip, MULA SA’YO PARA SA BAYAN, a line that i will always remembered by heart. Exit of the colors and recessional was also held.

After the ceremony my Papa and Mama (because parents took outside a little early for we still taking photos)  was waiting outside the plenary hall and we waited for Ate, Aram and Bella to arrive that took so little time because the condo was near the PICC so that we could have lunch together as well as we went to the Ocean Park after. We still used Grab Taxi for a six seater car, it was really convinient, but still buy a car in the future as well as to learn how to use them. Heheheh



No Awra for Today

When you don’t have anything to do plus you still wasn’t want to open an acad book, wash things. Washing bags, slippers, dishes, shoes and everything under the sun is what I done today in sparing my freeeeeee time. Kdramas will do but my eyes hurt recently kaya I’ve done washing dirty things na lang. Hehehe.



Awra is a gay Tagalog term which means “flirt”, but for me I used it to mean important undertaking. #PalusotIMG_20170429_115552IMG_20170429_105949

Candidate for Graduation Duties

April 27, 2017

Busy day- Baccalaureate mass, graduation rehearsal and appreciation night. @ eight in the morning, I headed at school’s gymnasium for the mass with my friend. There are lot of graduating students in the location, as it is for graduating studs. Hahaha. Professors and mentors who provide the iskolar para sa bayan the learning that we should apply to make the Filipino taxpayers proud as we conquer our respective journey as professionals are also there in the Eucharistic celebration. The celebration was held delayed and started around nine in the morning; I dunno the reason why. Maybe because of “Filipino time”? Not to practice that! Just-in time must definitely observe..

The Eucharistic celebration was held very solemn. It was the time for me to gave thanks to the Lord but I always pray to Him it was just that it was so different because your co-candidates are in there and our hearts are shouting for gratitude towards Him. We might be in different courses, curriculum, professors, fears, stages of difficulty and doubt in ourselves ‘coz everyone has a story to tell but look at us, we finally made it! Congratulations batch 2017 of Polytechnic University of the Philippines!


(Credits to the photos’ owner, I can’t took photos beacuse it was a mass)

I’ll be forever grateful to You oh Lord because You never leaves me, You’re always with me, for tapping my shoulder in times that my energy went down for all the test banks, books, papers to read during my whole stay at college, for believing in me that I can surpass all the trials- deptals examination, SQE, quizzes, recits, thesis, feasibility study, case study, projects, the freaking 32 evaluation exams in a sem, all the requirements and the maintaining grades; for blessing me more than I deserve, for the experiences you let me handled and will be handling in the near future, for giving me people who become a miracle every single time that they helps me and for the answered prayer. Thank You, hindi lang ngayon kung hindi simula pa noong unang pinakilala ka nila Mama at Papa. I’ll always hope that you gave me happy life as I pursue things because that’s what really matters. And right now, I am truly happy. 🙂

After the mass, the rehearsal is next. The professors who guided us during the practice were strict. They want us to move (in standing, taking our seats and such) in sync, uniformly and in accordance with protocols. And again for our own benefit, to keep the ceremony solemn and to give the guests a good impression. Reaching the diploma with your left hand and your right hand shaking the person’s hand whom will give you the diploma. . . Moving the toga cap’s tassel from right to left side using your right hand. Hell yeah right left left right. . . Hahaha

We ate our lunch afterwards and pampered our self a little bit before heading to Bulwagang Balagtas for Annual Recognition/ Appreciation Night held in 2:30 pm to 6:00 pm. Yeah it was night. Students who excelled in different subjects, who deserves the latin honors, leaders who profess their skills  and those who dominates the research field with their astonishing and defended thesis were recognized. And I’m only a supporter. It was still a great time because we projected our self in formal dresses and suits just to witnessed and hear the guest speaker to unfold his success, a magna cum laude and now a CPA- auditor in the country’s leading domestic with international operation and publicly-listed conglomerate company, the San Miguel Corporation, Mr. Jade Cyrus Pintor. So our time wasn’t wasted after all because it just fuel our desire to reach out for our dream, the three letters after our names. Fightingggg!!


Eyes on her pleash

This girl is one of God’s greatest gift to me and she just turned 93 years old last April 24 of this year. Even though she have a heavy heart to weighed, the celebration still went well! Why weighing heavy heart? Ahmm, because two of her children just joined Our Creator, Tita Volet and Tito Eugenio in heaven.  I know that they are happy and resting in peace who guides us here. I hope that there would be many years to spend with Lola. Raising an eleven children including my Papa are no big deal. That’s why I totally respect her. She is also funny. She helps me message my feet and back, I also do the same to her. In the lower left photo, I practiced doing curls in my hair using heat iron and it doesn’t looked good on me that’s the reason to do stuff with Lola’s hair: flattening and curling but I’m much onto flattening because it doesn’t give you astonishing curls! I guess my hand is the one to blame. Hehehe. Lola Delang doesn’t even want me to stop ironing her hair! I just told her jokingly that she shouldn’t point me if something goes wrong with her hair. Me and Lola’s bonding time!! Another thing about her is that she believes in me like when I let her see myboyfriend’s photo through my phone: Lee Jong Suk. Ehem. Hahaha. But seriously she is one of those who believes in me. I love you Lola with all my heart!!

#93rd #HappyLolaDsDay